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What to try in Dubai when missing Indian food?

Indian Food In Dubai

India has always been a dream destination for food lovers. The country is known for its spices, flavours, and aromas that reflect a perfect blend of culture and age. The diverse population has inspired a variety of flavours, spices, and culinary traditions, which eventually stirred up the food business of the country. The magical flavours and lip-smacking recipes have warmly won the hearts of people all around and have influenced food enthusiasts to open up restaurants and food chains across the globe for Indian food lovers. 

Dubai is one such amazing place that has warmly accepted Indian cuisines and introduced some world-best Indian restaurants in Dubai. So, when you are missing Indian food, no worries – DUBAI has a lot of good things hidden for you. 

Let’s go with the foodie’s checklist:


Believe it or not but Indians have a love connection with BIRYANI, irrespective of how and where it came from. The country offers the same in different avatars like – Hyderabadi biryani, Awadhi biryani, Lucknowi biryani, Murgh Ki Kachchi biryani, the Kashmiri vegetarian version – Tahiri, and many more. Once the dish was royalty but now it has become the national food anthem enjoyed by every stratum of the society.  


Among the various chicken dishes, Chicken Mughlai stands distinct for its creaminess and rich taste. This popular North Indian recipe is a perfect amalgamation of ghee, fresh cream, cashew, onion, ginger, garlic, and a whole lot of aromatic spices. For an authentic taste, some chefs cook this traditionally in a clay oven. Try it!


Some of the best Indian food in Dubai are found in street food outlets. Dubai has humbly accepted our Samosa and with a twist of exotic spices, meat, veggies, and fish presented us with Samboosa. If craving a spicy and yummy Indian snack, make sure you ditch the cliched stuffed potato version and try the meaty one!


Coming to the vegetarian corner, Paneer butter masala is the love of every Indian taste bud. The delectable creamy taste is just difficult to resist. In this dish, butter, cream, coriander, tomatoes, and ginger are combined to create magic. This dish is quite in demand among the local Indians in Dubai.  


Indian street food sounds incomplete without Pani Puri. It’s irresistibly delicious yet easy on the pocket, Pani puri is something you can binge on any time of the day. The combination of deep-fried hollow balls, potato stuffing, chilly-tamarind water, and sweet-sour brown chutney is just next to perfection. Some aliases of Pani Puri are Gupchup, Puchka, and Gol Gappe. Some Indian restaurants and Indian catering services in Dubai offer yummy variants of Pani Puri as well.

When in Dubai, you don’t have to miss Indian cuisines anymore, rather just find out the best restaurant or food joint that can satisfy your appetite or the craving. Go ahead!!! 

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